Estate Planning Lawyer in Coral Gables, FL

Investing in the Future of You and Your Loved Ones

Estate planning is a legal area that often gets overlooked by many individuals. While some may not think twice about the idea, others do not even have a general understanding of its purpose. Estate planning is a way for individuals to plan for their loved ones and estate in the event that they are no longer with them. By helping our clients create the necessary legal documents and take the appropriate precautions, our Coral Gables estate planning lawyers are able to help clients prepare for the future and ensure that both they and their loved ones remain protected and under proper care.

Our Estate Planning Services

At Gautier & Hasty, P.L., our legal knowledge and counsel can save you time and money when it comes to formulating an estate plan and/or transferring an estate. When it comes to establishing an estate plan, our team of representatives can help create one that will simplify the probate process and effectively pass down your assets to your beloved family members the way that you want it to. As for transferring an estate, our Miami firm has the skills and knowhow needed to get you the maximum tax benefits and save you from the costs and valuable time that may be lost throughout the process. Our wide array of estate planning services also includes but is not limited to:

Are you interested in creating an estate plan with a Miami probate attorney?

No matter how complex your estate planning matters may be in the state of Florida, Gautier & Hasty is at your service. We are determined to help you draft the best possible estate plan for your specific needs and make sure that you are well-aware of the options that are available to you. By calling a Miami probate lawyer from our firm, you can get started with securing a future for both you and your loved ones!