Contested Divorce Attorney

Helping Clients Effectively Handle Divorce in Coral Gables, FL

Contested divorce is a common event in which both spouses in the marriage cannot come to a joint agreement with one another. When this happens, the marriage must then be dissolved in the presence of the court. This is the opposite of an uncontested divorce in which both spouses are able to agree upon the terms of the divorce and the marriage can be dissolved without the court's direct involvement. During a contested divorce, each spouse is allowed to hire an experienced Coral Gables divorce attorney to represent their side of the case. When it comes to Gautier & Hasty, P.L., our legal team is determined to provide clients with the aggressive and diligent counsel needed to get them the results they deserve.

Common Issues Brought Up During a Contested Divorce Hearing

There are various aspects within a marriage that can deeply impact the complexity of a divorce. These issues depend on the length of the marriage, the number of assets accumulated, amount of debt involved and whether or not children are in the picture. Some of the issues that need to be resolved in front of the presence of the court include:

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Choosing the right lawyer during a contested divorce trial can make all the difference for the outcome of the entire experience. By discussing your concerns with a representative at Gautier & Hasty, you can learn more about effectively handling the divorce process and making sure that you get the representation you deserve. Not only can the court's decision impact you for the rest of your life, but it can also affect the lives of your children, how much debt you will become responsible for, the amount of property you will be left with and how much alimony you will be giving/receiving. Now is your chance to call a Miami divorce lawyer from our firm and get the legal counsel you have been searching for!