Why Choose Gautier & Hasty, P.L.?

Exceptional Representation from a Coral Gables Family Law Attorney

Are you looking to hire a family law attorney in Coral Cables? Perhaps you need help understanding a complex legal issue? At Gautier & Hasty, P.L., we understand that finding the right attorney can often be as hard as winning a legal case - especially when it comes to finding an attorney that is able to address your unique concerns. This is why we aim to provide professional services that are customized to the direct needs of our clients. Whether we need to work with a client's unique schedule, meeting with them during evenings or weekends or give them the tools they need to resolve complicated issues that may arise within their household, our legal team is here to help.

Understanding that Every Case We Handle is as Equally Unique and Important

When a client comes to our office, there is only one thing that we can be certain of: their situation and needs will be as equally unique and important as any other case we have handled. By utilizing the diverse abilities of our estate planning lawyers, we have the capability to service the complex needs of our clients. This includes, but is not limited to:

Now is the time to address your concerns with a Miami family law and estate planning lawyer!

Our family lawyers strive to be responsive to the special needs and requirements of our clients while providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. From mediating an uncontested divorce to creating a lasting will and helping a client take on the probate process, our team of representatives can help with any type of complicated legal issue. Call Gautier & Hasty and let us assist you with your case relating to divorce or family law, estate planning & probate!